TMD Course Testimonials

Mike has an exceptional style. This course was both informative and reassuring for me.

Mike’s dedication and passion was so obvious. I so appreciate his great teaching style and commitment to making everything so clear. I’m excited to feel ready to begin evaluating and treating patients in the clinic after this course with confidence. Thank you Mike, this was awesome.

Great course. I feel much more confident with my assessment and treatment measures pertaining to the TMJ. Course materials, manuals, books and presentations were very clear and well laid out. Mike was very personable highly approachable and knowledgeable.

Great job impressive body of work.

Very happy I took this course excited to see more TMD patients.

At least from my perspective as a dentist, the mystery of the TMJ has been demystified immensely. Thanks, so glad to have found you.

Very good breakdown of anatomy and function of the TMJ. Very impressed with Mike’s knowledge of TMD as well as other anatomy.

This course met and exceeded all of my expectations thank you.

The smaller class size to enable circulation of the instructor with sufficient one-on-one time with all course participants was greatly appreciated.

It is an honor to learn from an expert who can convey practical wisdom and crests the concept of marketing our services as well.

Great instructors and resources great facility appreciate all the resources in people involved in TMD research.

Even as an experienced TMD clinician there was plenty of new tools to add to my toolbox highly recommend.

Great info hands-on and marketing tips also.

Excellent speaker and very knowledgeable.

Having taking this course twice, I think it was even better the second time it was really well organized. Mike I am glad I took this again.

If you want to know what the leaders in our field are doing for TMD Mike is leading us.

It required you to move beyond your basic knowledge of anatomy pass the mechanics etc. and develop a better interest standing of a simple but complex area.

Very applicable to take to the clinic immediately.

Thank you for the time and effort put in making such a professional and relevant course.

Evaluation and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders and Craniofacial Pain