TMJ Models for Sale

Freedom PT is now selling two TMJ demonstration models. We use these at all of our Freedom PT locations. They are a great way to educate your TMD patients on what is going on. Please specify the model you are interested in when calling to purchase 414-352-2082


tmj model
Is slightly more cost effective and yet provides a wonderful demonstration involving the temporomandibular joint with regards to normal mechanics. This model also helps demonstrate TM disc disorders as well as solutions that include splint therapy. This is a great tool for any Physical Therapist skilled in treating temporomandibular disorders.


tmj model
  • Closely simulates the human skull and tooth/muscle/ condyle/disc/fossa interrelationships to provide easy understanding of TMJ dysfunction.
  • Movable mandible, disc, muscles, and inserts illustrate cause/effect relationships.
  • Five teeth and four splint/jaw re-positioner inserts are provided. This allows you to customize the presentation to the specific condition of each patient thereby enhancing patient understanding.
  • Shows how necessary adjustments will correct TMJ dysfunction.
  • Aids in radiograph explanation.
  • Comes with a patient booklet. Patients can therefore leave the office with a permanent visual presentation of their problem to share with their family and gain support for the recommended treatment.
  • Three reference points are depicted. They are the auditory meatus, the eye and the nose. These will help the patient to relate to the anatomy and understand the dysfunction.
  • Can be easily operated from the rear. The patient can clearly see the demonstration without obstruction and thereby better understand the recommended treatment.

Interested in these TMJ Models? Call our office today!