TMD Equipment for Sale

Freedom PT is now selling the TMD equipment that he uses and discusses in his Evaluation and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorder and Craniofacial Pain course.  Use the links provided to order the equipment.

HYPERBOLOIDS ($25 + TAX AND SHIPPING) sold in packages of 10

tmj model
Sold in packs of 10 (same size), except for multi-pack (2 of each size).
P (children, adolescents)
PP (Small children aged 4-10 years)
M (Medium, for teenagers, used in adults)
G (Big teeth and wide dental arch)
GG (increase mouth opening gradual exercises
multi-pack (2 of each size)


tmj model
Is slightly more cost effective and yet provides a wonderful demonstration involving the temporomandibular joint with regards to normal mechanics. This model also helps demonstrate TM disc disorders as well as solutions that include splint therapy. This is a great tool for any Physical Therapist skilled in treating temporomandibular disorders.

Orastretch  ($22.50 + TAX AND SHIPPING) package of 50

tmj model
Oral scales measure the maximum interincisal opening and range of the jaw and mouth. Scales can measure vertical and lateral motion and oral jetting. The scale can measure from 3mm to 65mm vertically.

Dual Stethoscope ($52.50 + TAX AND SHIPPING)

tmj model

The Dual TMJ Stethoscope is a unique way to listen to both sides of the temporomandibular joint and listen for clicking and popping sounds, articular clicks, or crepitus. It can especially helpful with those hard-to-hear closing or reciprocal disc clicks to aid in your diagnosis of disc displacement with reduction. 

Freedom Ball ($30 + TAX AND SHIPPING)

tmj model


The Freedom Ball® stretches and tones the body creating increased flexibility and freedom of movement. Body rolling is a technique that integrates the use of a specialized ball into the workout program.
 The Freedom Ball is a great way to keep the entire spine flexible. We know one of Joseph Pilates’ greatest sayings was “we are as young, as our spine is flexible”. We know maintaining great spinal flexibility and mobility is key to great posture and alignment. This will also significantly improve your patients that are suffering from headaches, migraines, orofacial pain, and temporomandibular disorders as well.
In addition, by performing a body rolling session using the Freedom Ball, one can stretch muscles along their entire length, starting with the point where the muscle attaches to the bone. The pressure from the ball and the individual modifying their body weight stretches muscles and tendons, releasing areas of tension and lengthening the muscle to make it more flexible.
Also, a great way to treat trigger points, and easy discomfort and yet maximize benefits after a dry needling session or bodywork.

Interested in TMD equipment for your practice or self? Order today!