Host a TMD Course

Are you looking to host The Evaluation and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders and Craniofacial Pain taught by Michael Karegeannes

Michael Karegeannes will provide:

CEU: 16 Hours
Minimum number of paying participants -16
Host will receive two free seats for hosting the course
If Host can handle more than 18, will bring assistant and will factor in those costs based on travel expenses and allow an additional free spot if possible.
Course Fee: $750.00 PT/OT/DC/Massage/SLP/RDH/Dentist/MD/LAT/ATC participant
Location: To be determined
Format: Lecture and Lab
Collecting course fee from attending participants as they register
CEU course approval by the local state APTA will be handled by Karegeannes Korp
Course certificates will be provided by Karegeannes Karp.

Host agrees to provide and be responsible for the following;
Room to be set up in a class room style arrangement. ( I can provide pic)
Controlled lighting for the lecture room.
Treatment tables 2 participants per table (Hi Lows preferred but not required)
One chair per participant
One pillow for each table and 2 towels
Screen at least 110 inches for projecting onto
One LCD projector with a high lumen bulb 3000 recommended, rolling cart for projector and one for Laptop, 15 foot extension cord with surge outlet protector with at least 4 outlets
Refreshments, coffee and snacks provided during AM and PM breaks
Lunch break is only 30 min participants bring their own (cost to be paid by each participant not by host)
Host will provide latex free gloves boxes Sizes, S, M, Land XL
Host will provide a box of Tongue blades
Host will provide box of small prepackaged alcohol wipes
Hand Sanitizer and areas to wash hands

Participant Benefits:

16 paying participants – host can send two (2) participants free23 paying participants – host can send one (1) additional participant free*31 paying participants – host can send one (1) additional participant free*39 paying participants – host can send one (1) additional participant free*

*Will require an assistant to be present to maintain teacher:student lab ratio