Course Recap – September 23-24, 2017 – Chicago, Il


A sincere thanks to my good friend Ashraf Abdelhamid and his business partner, Robert Johnson for hosting my Chicago TMD course 9/22-9/23. Their wonderful clinic, Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute was right off Michigan Avenue! We had a wonderful group of physical therapists and chiropractors take part in the course. Part of the beauty of the group was that we had a few pelvic floor therapists in attendance.  Many practitioners who treat patients with chronic pain know whether it be pelvic floor pain or TMD pain and headaches, many of our complex patients have chronic overlapping pain syndromes.  As a result it is important to treat the whole person and their whole body for a far better outcome! Love Chicago, great fun! Thanks to all who attended and made the class exciting and collaborative.
Mike Karegeannes, PT/MHSc/LAT/MTC/CFC/CCTT/CMTPT, Owner


Feeling how the condylar heads translates.

Teaching lateral excursion measurement technique.

Opening Lecture

Lateral pole palpation

Nationally recognized expert Mike Karegeannes interacts with students.

Throat Scope