Cadaver Course

Head, Neck, and Jaw Dissection for Physical Therapists, Dentists, & Health Professionals

Head, Neck, and Jaw Cadaver Dissection Course



Terry T. Tanaka, DDS

Clinical Professor, Advanced Education in Prosthodontics
University of Southern California, School of Dentistry
Former Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Surgery,
University of California San Diego, School of Medicine

Terry T. Tanaka, DDS, is a clinical professor at the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry, in Graduate Prosthodontics and was a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of California School of Medicine for many years. He conducts his anatomical research through the Clinical Research Foundation and the UCSD anatomical laboratory. His many years of clinical experience and as a research anatomist has given him a unique perspective on what physicians, physical therapists, and dentists should know about the relationship between pain disorders that affect the head, face, TMJs, the cervical structures, and the dental occlusion. His anatomical and dental educational DVDs are used in over 97 dental, medical and physical therapy schools and graduate programs in the USA and internationally.


Michael Karegeannes, PT, MHSc, LAT, MTC, CFC, CCTT, CMTPT

Course Description

Dear Fellow TMD Therapists, (Physical, Occupational, Chiropractor, Massage, Dentists, and physicians) I am very, very excited to have enlisted the famous Dr. Terry Tanaka, DDS to come and perform a 3 day Head/Neck/Jaw cadaver dissection course July 19, 20 and 21, 2019 at my clinic in Fox Point, Wisconsin. I believe this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity if you are passionate about treating TMD, and want more intimate anatomical insight and knowledge about understanding and treating Temporomandibular Disorders, facial/nerve pain, and headaches.

Cost: $2150 early bird special if you register and pay by June 19th, 2019 after June 19, 2019 cost goes to $2400 per participant. Class size will be capped at 16 total, so don’t delay, sign up right away!

Each participant will receive a complementary Dissection DVD by Dr. Tanaka, two weeks before the class to be able to review and anticipate the structures they will be dissecting.
Everyone will perform dissections on fresh cadaver (head/neck) specimen and will follow a sequential series of dissections from the superficial dermal layers and facial nerve, down into the muscles of mastication, the TMJ and lateral pterygoid muscles and attachments, the support muscles of the lateral, anterior and posterior neck, the structure and function of the atlanto-occipital joint and the regions of referred pain from the cervical muscles and nerves. Discussion time will be allotted for participants to discuss nerve entrapment as well as referred pain and TMJ disc displacement
Everyone will be able to dissect the TMJ Capsule, the TMJ disc, and the attachments of the lateral pterygoid muscles at their origins and insertions and ask questions regarding capsulitis, clicking, crepitus, disc dislocation and recapture(disc repositioning), and their management by Physical Therapists.
For those who have completed some of the Crafta courses through Myopain/Eureka Seminars, we will also be able to assess the cranial sutures and the various neural entrapments covered in Crafta as well!
This is the course that everyone says they wish that they had taken in school, but now is a better time because now you know the questions to ask because you have the experience to go with that knowledge. “Make the best of it. Watch the DVD, read the handouts, and come prepared.”

Registration Details

Target Audience:PTs, PTAs, LMT, OTs, Chiropractors,
Dentists and Physicians
Price:$2,150 before June 19th
$2,400 after June 19th

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